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Juhayna Vertical Integration

Juhayna has always striven to provide our customers with the highest-quality products at the best possible prices. To ensure ability to do this, Juhayna initiated an ambitious program of vertical integration, taking control of the complete value chain from the farm to the consumer, capitalizing on its technological capabilities, scientific studies and best in class management expertise.

The strength of Juhayna vertical integration differentiates it in the market, allowing to maintain Juhayna leading market share as it have unfettered access to the best-quality raw materials, state-of-the-art production facilities, and a distribution network that spans the country and the region. Juhayna’s three business lines work closely with each other, allowing them to best meet its customers’ needs. This structure leads to an unparalleled operational flexibility.

The Juhayna Group consists of three distinct lines of business. Each line of business is supported by the strong infrastructure that is one of the essential cornerstones of our success. This infrastructure comprises our factories and farms, as well as our marketing and distribution network.

In order to achieve this level of vertical integration and expansion, the company has successfully increased its capital by EGP 1 billion through an IPO on EGX in 2010. Juhayna has since achieved vertical integration by establishing dairy farms to secure a consistent high-quality supply of raw milk as well as farms to produce animal fodder and produce fruits. The vertical integration has helped Juhayna to expand production across the board.

Juhayna operates three distinct but integrated lines of business/sectors:

1. Manufacturing:
Juhayna owns six production facilities in the 6th of October City’s industrial zone. The specialized plants are all equipped with the most up-to-date global technology to produce a wide variety of high-quality products that range from dairy to yoghurt, and from juice to fruit concentrate.

2. Commercial and Distribution:
Juhayna’s commercial arm is represented by Tiba for Trade & Distribution, which controls the largest distribution network in the Egyptian dairy and juice sector.

3. Agriculture and Dairy Farming:
Juhayna has established Al Enmaa for Agriculture Development and Livestock (AlEnmaa) in order to provide consumers with high quality products guarantee stable growth by securing our supply of raw materials. Al Enmaa is responsible for providing high quality production inputs and raw materials such as raw milk and fruits.